Yoga story: Lion and the Mouse

 Before we began our Yoga story of the day the children greeted the beautiful Spring sunshine with their gentle, yet energized breath.

I find Sun Salutation poses are the best to revitalize and refresh the mind and body. These poses are dynamic yet focused so provide children the space to be actively engaged and be in their own space while doing the poses.

Since it's Spring it also gives us the opportunity to pay gratitude to the morning sunshine and embrace its blessings as we think about the growing and changing that is happening around us

Sun salutation and sky arrow poses

To continue the theme of  Gratitude and Generosity, we acted the Lion and the Mouse fable using different yoga poses.
The children enjoyed pretending to be the irritated Lion and the scared mouse. We discussed the lesson of the story: that each of us is important and helpful no matter what size.
Then each child were given a task of helping me clean and organize the classroom.  Some sprayed and wiped the tables, swept the floor and put the mats and toys away. Sorry there were no photos. I was cleaning too!!

scared mouse pose

Lion's breathe


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