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Tint & Shade

Tint is adding white to colours to make it lighter Shade is adding black to make colours darker "The yellow disappears! It's lighter" "Hey I made beige! mixing colours is fun "This looks like the forest" Earlier on in the unit the children suggested that colours can be light or dark but they don't know how that happens.  In these activities the children explored Tint and Shade by mixing colours.  Tint is done by adding some white to the colour making it appear lighter where as shade is when we add black to the colour making it appear darker. As we experimented with our colours the children discovered other colours they knew about like Beige, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Pink,a and Gray.  They also were interested in naming their own colour or asked me to give them the "proper" name for it like Maroon, Olive green and Tan. We are going to apply what we learned about Tint and Shade to our summative assessment project which

Plant dye

Preparing for plant dying experiment Jeffrey's carrot juice spit. investigating the veggies/fruits Dying yarn with natural food dye  Extracted vegetable dye The children wondered about how the colours get into our clothes.  Orin said we buy clothes at the store and they colour it there. I shared my experience with plant dye when I went on a hiking trip in Peru.  There I saw and experienced how the locals would use natural plants and even dried insects to dye fabric.  I showed them pictures of my trip and they were amazed by the colourful fabric and most of all the llamas and alpacas where they get they get their wool.  We also watched a video from National Geographic to show how this process of dying is done in that region. It would have been fun to gather wild plants from our forest like Oregon grapes and but I was told we are not actually allowed to do that.  So I went to the store and got a few vegetables and fruits to use for our plant dying

People use colour to decorate their clothes and bodies

In this grouptime acitivity our focus was to investigate how we use colours in our clothing and bodies. We played a song game "Mary Wore Her Red Dress" and here the children got to show off an article of clothing they are wearing and talk about the colour.  As we played the game I  noticed how the children would choose a part of their clothing which has their favourite colour. We made a chart to show which colours are their favourite and which ones are the least favourite. The children noticed that some share similar colours they like.   Francine pointing her favourite colour Pippa showing off her pink shoes Jeffrey loves green