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What's same and different in the olden days and now?

What is a Venn Diagram? What's different between children back then and now After watching about children living in early Canada we had a short discussion and worked on a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast children in the olden days vs children now. One thing they noticed very quickly was the amount of work children do to help out at home.  It seemed that children back then did not have much playtime.  After further investigation of old photos we also noticed that children did play but mostly outside and the games involved not toys but mostly with nature and with one another. They wondered how it's possible to work and tell stories when it's dark in the home and no electricity.When we tried doing it together they thought it was fun and different.  They decided to tell scary stories.  After a while they all felt that it's hard to get around when there's not enough light to help you find your way. Together, we made our own breakfast from scratc

New Unit of Inquiry: Then and Now

After reading a story about a child in the olden days, the children got curious about how and why they do things differently.  They noticed that children in the 1800s helped a lot at home and the work they do seem difficult and not safe.  The children can go outside on their own to gather wood, carry very heavy things and use big, sharp tools in the kitchen.  They wondered about what children do for fun like playtime when they are not helping at home.  Since there were no computers and electricity, what could they possible do for fun?? Olivia is exploring an old radio the book which sparked many questions "I'm going to call my mum" Here are some of the children's thoughts and questions: 1. "Children grow their own food because there were no grocery stores.     We also grow some food in the garden." -- Michael 2. Why did people work too much before? 3.  "What did the children do inside and outside? How did they play?"-