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Leaf Man: Colours in Nature continued....

"This is a bat with a fly and it's raining" We continue to explore colours in nature by learning about children's authors and illustrators using colours if nature as their inspiration in creating wonderful stories.  In this grouptime we looked at Lois Ehlert, who is known for her unique and style called "Found Art"where she incorporates items found in nature or at home to create colourful and vivid illustrations.  The book "Leaf Man" is a great story to encourage storytelling creativity and imagination.  After reading the children ventured out into the forest to collect leaves, twigs and pine cones to create their very own Leaf Man creature.   The children really enjoyed making the Leaf Man because this activity allowed them to move their items freely until they were satisfied with their creation.    gathering leaves in the forest While gathering the leaves in the forest Matthew made a comment about the brown leaves.  First I ask

Colours in Nature

Practicing the blow paitning water colour painting the sky tree scene Allye: Mine is a winter sky tree Lately the children have noticed how some of the leaves are falling or changing colours.  They've observed that as it gets colder the trees and the forest is changing too. We started talking about the different seasons and how we can predict the changes in seasons by looking at the changing colours of our outdoor nature. Seeing colours in Nature We read the book "Sky Tree" by Locker and carefully noticed the different colours the illustrator used to represent the different seasons.  The book also shows how colours blend together to show the relationship between the sky colours and the tree as it cycles through the different seasons.