Hot Cross Buns

Olin reading the Idiograph
"I can read all by myself"- Naomi

Hot, cross buns
Hot, cross buns
One a penny
Two a penny
Hot, cross buns

"It's like a pattern" - Eric

"See, I can write my own name!"
- Nicholas

Emerson & Elliot working together
to find the right keys for Hot cross buns

During the Easter week the children learned about the song 
Hot, Cross Buns.  

After singing a few times the children worked on reading and writing the Ideograph for the song.  Ideographs are symbols in place of the song phrases.  This exercise helps children develop print  and phonological awareness ( sounds as symbols).  As we sang, some children chose to practice  the solfa (music hand signs) while the others played it on the piano. They each had a turn to track and draw their own Ideographs. 

Did you know that Hot Cross Buns are traditionally baked
and given as gifts around Eater Time in the earlier days?

Christina trying Hot, Cross Buns for first time
Arielle showing "Do" in solfa
(Music hand signs)


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