Matthew's question: How do you make friends?

Some children in the Fire group joined us to help explore ideas on Matthew's question: "how do you start to play and make friends?"

We came up with 3 ways on how to make new friends.

1. Invite someone to be part of your game.
    "Do you want to join me in my game?"
    "Would you like to play?"

2. Introduce yourself.
    "Hi,my name is........what's your name?"
    " I'm ........ what's your name?"

3. Ask/Greet
    "Hello, how are you? "
    "Hi,what are you doing?"
    " Can I join you?"

The children worked in partners and practiced greeting and introducing themselves with one another. The idea is to help them learn the language so they can feel confident about entering play on their own time.

Nico and Elaine spoke in Mandarin and this sparked the idea of learning how to say "hello" in various languages. We found out that just the teachers alone speak about 5 different languages apart from English.  Matthew wondered if some children spoke French and how we greet in Mandarin so we made a "Hello" poster where we will add all the different "hellos" in various languages spoken here in the daycare.

making their "Hello" poster
"How do you do?"
"hello" poster


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