Function of a friend (Monday)

Allye and Matthew drawing their ideas on their books

What is a friend for??

Elaine showing a helpful behaviour

The children discussed the teacher question: What is the function of a friend?

First they had to understand the meaning of the word "FUNCTION" so I gathered some everyday items on my tray like string, spoon, scissors, markers, paper, pillow, paint brush and glue stick and asked what each item is used for. Then I used the "Function" over and over again during our conversation and the children quickly got the idea.  We then made a list of WHAT A FRIEND IS FOR? WHAT IS THE FUNCTION OF A FRIEND?

A friend is to share with -Nico
A friend is to play with - Matthew
A friend is to spend time with - Allye

We read a story That's What Friends Are For by Heide & Cliefe which is about friends helping each other. Helping is another important function of a friend.  The children told stories of friendly and helpful behaviour they experienced during morning freeplay.  They also observed that people also help others who are not their friends because it makes them feel happy.

Seems like the children had more ideas to share so they each made a book to illustrate what they learned for today.


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