Making their own breakfast

This activity was all about encouraging independence and confidence.
One thing the children can do on their own is prepare a simple breakfast.
In this grouptime children made 2 breakfast meals: cereal and Jack`s Pancakes.  They were asked to compare which one was easiest and more fun to make and they realized that even though making pancakes took a lot longer, they felt preparing it was much more exciting than pouring cereal out of the box.

The children showed a lot of care and independence as they gathered the glass bowls and spoons, scooped the cereal and poured the milk all on their own.   During the pancake making, the children practiced cooperation and their thinking skills to follow the recipe and take turns with the ingredients.
Francine pouring the flour

Connor cooking the pancake
Mixing the pancake dough
Matthew carefully cracking the egg
children helping Paxton pour the milk
Kesler pouring cereal 


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