Green, Orange, Purple are Secondary Colours

Working on the colour equation. 
"Hey, I made green! I mixed blue and

getting ready to colour our plain
Pauline adding blue and red colour to
make purple
Our focus in these activities is to understand that Secondary colours are two primary colours mixed together.  Using scarves and our bodies we pretended we were the colour ingredients mixing and predicted what colour we can make.  They loved this game because it involved a lot of moving and shaking around. One of them said we are "cooking the colours". Too bad I couldn't capture a photo of this moment since I was shaking along with the children. 

Again, we watched the Mouse Paint video to include those children who were not present the day before  and to review Secondary colours.  I provided two experiences where the children can independently manipulate the colours and discover the secondary colours on their own.  First, using play dough: they each chose 2 colours to put in their dough and kneaded it to see what secondary colour appears.  They were full anticipation and excitement when they molded the dough and the colour slowly appeared.  Then we did some blow painting and I used this to test what they remember about secondary colours. 

Tai & Orin proudly shows off
their purple play dough
Blow painting


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