Where do ants live?

creating an ant tunnel
"We think the ants will eat the chocolates first"
The children wondered how ants go in and out of the ground and why there are a lot of them around these days. We noticed many ants around the picnic tables and the children concluded that ants come out to gather food like crumbs and snacks left by the children. We investigated by placing a plateful of snacks by the garden but the crows ate all the food even before the ants could find them.
The next day we went to check for more ant clues and we found many more ant holes! Mila thought that perhaps the ants found the plateful of snacks after all because there were more ants than the day before.  Paxton suggested that maybe the soldier ants called on the other ants to show where they can get more food but too bad the crows ate it all already.
preparing food for ants
"We found an ant hole!"


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