Crawling Creatures

We started our new inquiry for the month of July and it's all about crawling creatures.

Central: Crawling creatures are an important part of our ecosystem

Lines of Inquiry: 
Form - features of crawling creatures
Causation - crawling creatures affect the ecosystem
Responsibility - human impact on crawling creatures

What are the features of crawling creatures?
Why are crawling creatures important to the ecosystem? 
What can people do to take care of crawling creatures?

children showed different ways of crawling

The children listed the different crawling creatures they are familiar with and what they know about them

Paxton: There are different kinds of slugs like banana slugs and they use their slime to help them crawl
I also saw a Yellow-jacket fly when we were in Salt Spring
              There are fire ants, black ants, and red ants

Molly: Leeches help people by making them feel better
            Some crawling creatures hiss
Mila: I saw beetles and one was big and small maybe there's a mama and then a daddy or baby
Sophie: spiders eat flies and other bugs and they make web
Angela: a snake.

There's a spider web...where's the spider?

I found a woodbug!

Children's Questions:

1. Are crawling creatures both big and small? (Sophie)
2. Why do some bugs fly? (Paxton)
3. Why do some bugs hiss? What other sounds do crawling creatures make? (Molly)
4. How do they crawl?
5. How do bees hold the pollen without dropping it? (Esme)
6. How do bees squeeze out the honey? (Paxton)

After our discussion we went to the forest to search for crawling creatures. We found a variety of them under fallen logs, rocks and there were plenty of bees flying around the blackberry bushes.
Paxton noticed many holes in a log and discovered many wood bugs and crawling through, 2 centipedes and a worm.  He decided to bring this log back to the centre to show the other children what he discovered.  The rest of them brought their own piece of log as well hoping to find as many crawling creatures as they can.
There are holes here where the creatures live!


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