New Unit: The Work People perform helps build community

working together is taking turns
working together by sharing
working together by helping

In this formative assessment I wanted to find out what children know about how people work together in a community.   I gave them a task of completing a puzzle in pairs and once they were done they had to assess themselves and explain how they worked together.

Paxton: Mila and I took turns putting the pieces
Matthew: We shared this puzzle
Francine: We helped each other. 

Question: Why do you think people work together? 

Mila: Well, there are people working at a house beside my house. If there's only one person working then he will have to go up and down, up and down many times. 
Kathryn: So you mean working together makes it a lot easier. 
Mila: Yah, and working together makes people happy.
Kathryn: Oh so working together is fun, too!

In our discussion we used this analogy of the house and workers to show that everyone has a important job/role in the community and that each one of us contributes to its well-being whether it's at home, school, neighbourhood, or the daycare. Most importantly, the children realized that communities work together by helping one another, sharing, and taking turn and that working together makes us happy.


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