In this unit the children will explore the various roles we have in our community.  We started off by going on a walk up on Dunbar street to observe the neighbourhood and identify some community helpers the children might know.

As we approached Dunbar some of them said " we can hear community helpers!".  They were referring to the construction workers and we were lucky to have the site manager around to tell us about what he does and some safety reminders when around a construction site.

The Barber shop on 41st Ave was exceptionally friendly and invited us inside his shop.  We even had our group picture taken! We have been there a couple years ago and one of the Dads was kind enough to volunteer as a customer and had a shave.  The children enjoyed watching this and it was nice to have parents be part of the grouptime action. I think we will do this again. Any volunteers??
"We hear construction workers!"

VSB Maintainance person fixing drains

community flower shop
Community barber shop


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