Plants in our midst: Formative week

"I see ants and bugs crawling in the wood"

We are lucky to have the forest in our backyard to explore and learn from.
As part of our Formative assessment the children went on a nature walk and observed the lush forest surroundings.
"leaves smells like Yuck!"

"I found small animals on the leaves!"

"I son't think leaves taste good."

"We found lots of worms under the log!"

Using their senses the children carefully observed the physical features of plants.
Some even tried to taste the leaves.
They lifted broken wood bark and discovered many bugs, worms and ants living underneath.  Looking closely at tree barks, they noticed tiny bugs that bury in between the cracks.  There were spiders hanging in the bushes and they began to wonder why they were there.  They were very intrigued by how and why animals live and stay in the dirt and why some bugs stay on plants.

short discussion about our collection
We will be working on the following comments and questions
for the next six weeks:
- Bugs like the dirt so they hide inside.
-The forest has many kinds of flowers
- Some trees are tall some are short.
- Where do bugs go after?
- People eat plants.
-Plants have different shapes and colours.
-Animals eat plants and hide in them, too.
- Dandelions are flowers
-Why do some plants have prickles?
-Where are the roots?


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