Primary colours in Nature

"we found a yellow leaf and we put it on our heads"
"The lightning is red, a primary colour"
primary colour collage

During our morning free play the children noticed how the fallen leaves are mostly yellow, brown, and some orange.  This sparked the idea of looking at colours in nature outdoors.  To follow through  this interest I showed them various photos of outdoor landscape, weather, and natural phenomena and  were asked to identify the primary colours they see in each photo.  In our discussion, I observed how the children are beginning to be more descriptive with the colours they see. Their words can almost spun like poetry.

Here are their comments:

Nico: The red is hot like fire.
William: The red lava is hot (pointing at the picture of an exploding volcano) 
Eva: The red is like fireworks.
Matthew: Yellow is the lightning. It's like electricity. 

They are also beginning to compare the colours they see (dark vs light colours) colours 

Matthew: The blue on the sky is darker than the blue on the water
Keira: The blue on the water is like turquoise blue.

Next, we will  continue with "how can we change colour?"  By looking into secondary colours .
This will then lead us into making shades and tint of colour and how that might inspire artists in painting nature. 


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