Giving and Receiving of friendship

Comments about Jean`s feelings
I like ice cream, I like tea I want
Francine to jump with me!
Orin: ``This is the part where Jean is not
mean anymore!``

We give and receive friendship in different ways and it's in these ways that we create a deeper connection with one another.
The story of "Mean Jean: the Recess Queen`` by O`Niel helped the children better grasp the idea of giving and receiving of friendship.  We learned that by showing kindness and care we can win anyone's hearts even those who may seem "mean" or unfriendly to us in the beginning.

We made a list of how we can express friendship with one another and they said that showing love and kindness, inviting someone to play, saying sweet words like "I like you", sharing and hug+kisses are ways of giving  friendship.  We discussed how these friendly behaviour can make us feel and we carefully looked at how ``Mean`` Jean`s attitude has changed when she was given friendship--she was much nicer.
Pauline said after: ``It`s good to be have more friends.``
We then talked about being OPEN-MINDED especially when making new friends as this also helps us be more caring and understanding of others.

The children dramatized a scene in the story where Jean and Katie Sue were rompity-romping on the skipping rope. They thought this was the best part of the activity. I totally agree!


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