What is a plant?

       Investigating plants
Lucas: Why do we have to learn about living things
and plants?
Isaak: How do plants grow? What do they need? 

We collected plants from our forest and investigated their parts and compared the different features. They were curious about how each part works and helps the plant grow.  Isaak predicted that the "stems have have straws which drink the water all the way up".  To check this theory we sliced open some stems and discovered that they were actually hollow inside. He then changed his idea and concluded that the whole stem in like a straw and that the fibers (I supplied him the term) is what makes the stem work.  We also did a few experiments on absorption to investigate how root systems suck the water from the ground. During our walk in the forest, they observed that tree roots can absorb more water since they have much larger roots and they also began to wonder why trees are also plants and how moss roots work since they grow on a tree's bark. Next time we'll learn about leaves and conduct more experiments to  answers our tree and moss questions.


  1. Research in forest is surely most special and refreshing experience for kids!

  2. It is amazing how our little ones can make such powerful connections.
    ~inspires me to spend some time and wonder at nature...


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