Bedroom Decorations

Goodnight moon!
Goodnight cow jumping over the moon!

The children observed that people decorate their surroundings to make it nice and beautiful. Inspired by the story Goodnight Moon by WiseBrown the children transformed the drama area into a nice, cozy bedroom. They thought of their own bedroom decorations like the toys, stickers and patterned sheets, and picture frames which they feel are important things to have in a bedroom.
We carefully looked at the illustrations of the story and identifies which ones are decorations and which ones are not. In our discussions we realized that we all have different criteria on what makes a decoration and that we all have our own perspective on what beautiful might mean.


  1. This is so neat Kathryn. The children are developing observation skills, are learning to see similarities and differences, showing respect for people with different ideas...the list goes on. Wonderful.


  2. I am happy to read all of that!

  3. This is really great to readabout that



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